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What is a Mortgage Amortization Schedule?

What is mortgage amortization, and what does it mean to a home buyer and mortgage shopper? This is actually an important topic that confuses a lot of people. But when you start peeling away the layers, you’ll find that it’s…

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How to Review Your Credit Report Before Buying a House

This article will educate first-time home buyers on the relationship between credit and mortgage loans, and why a thorough review of your credit report should be a preliminary step in your home buying process. The Credit-and-Mortgage Relationship Credit and mortgage…

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How Do I Start the Home Loan Process?

The mortgage process can be both intimidating and confusing to a first-time borrower. With so many steps in the process, where do you even begin? This article is a roadmap to get you pointed in the right direction. It explains…

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How to Compare Mortgage Refinance Rates

Lesson Summary: This article explains how to shop for and compare refinance rates when refinancing your home loan. You’ll also learn what it takes to qualify for the best rates in the current economy. Mortgage rates hovered below 5% for…

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