What do our Customers Say?

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Mae is amazing! She sold our house within one week with multiple offers. We are satisfied with her professional knowledge, enthusiastic attitude, complete and expedite services (even after transaction). She took care of every details and special needs during the process. She is like a perfect match-maker between sellers and buyers. We are glad to have a worry-free and hassle-free experience with her. She is really the person you can trust!

—Shu-ju Cheng

Mae is a very honest, sincere, hardworking, knowledgeable person and kept us well informed in every step of buying our first home. With her trustworthy nature she has build a long term relationship with our family. Thanks Mae!

—Rani Parikh

We’ve known Mae since she helped us to sell our first house in South San Jose 12 years ago. Since early last year, my wife and I started to look for a piece of land in Saratoga to build our dream house. We had a long list of criteria for the property that we are looking for. To most realtors, we are picky and not easy to be pleased.

We were approached by several realtors in the past, none of them really worked out. With our busy schedule, we had to totally rely on our agent to search, screen and preview the listing for us.   A lot of realtors just forwarded their listing without even screening the list. Some would screen but no preview or totally missed our criteria. Most of them gave up easily after a few tries.

We finally turned to Mae for help. We would have saved a lot of time and looking around if we had talked to Mae in the first place. With her attention to ours needs and professional knowledge in the real estate business, she was able to narrow in on the list quickly and found target properties close to our needs. Certainly properties at prime locations and conditions are always hot and with several offers. We missed at least 4 offers before we got one. During the entire process, Mae was always patient, supportive and informative. City of Saratoga has a pretty restrict tree removal code. Mae went to the city office and went online to collect information for us.

Mae’s professionalism is not only before sale, it extends to after sale. One example of her care and attention to detail is she even provided us with a complete list of contact information for local utility, telephone, waste management, library, etc – a must for new home owners. We are very glad that her patience and persistence eventually paid off and we are one step close to our dream house.

—John and Lihyn Liou

Buying a house doesn’t seem so easy not until we got our very own first house…. and that is made possible by some people who do their job with all best knowledge and experience not to mention we haven’t met this people so personally that they put their trust and believe in us. and that’s how I realize that each and every one has their own role and capabilities and specialties in life to make things possible for others.

Our first initial encounter seems so stressful and tense its getting late at night and we are dealing with all this background check and the very surprising to everybody is that we are buying a house and not planning to put any down payment at all, sound so unrealistic and impossible. But this people still transact their business with us and still treat us as a real customer and guide and lead us to each and every phase of this process until the end. and this is very unbelievable we made it till the closing without any difficulties and having ( I hope) the best deal we can ever have. If buying a house is this easy many people may not be considering leaving in a rent property at all. MAE CHANG we thank you and appreciate all your effort for making this a reality and all possible for us. A person of a good heart doesn’t always need to be seen. Her voice will make a difference.

—Marian Arroyo

I am very glad to refer my favorite Real Estate agent, Mae Chang. During my house hunting until closing, Mae was always there. I used other Realtors before and I prefer to use Mae because she has passion for her work and she is always value my time.

For instance, she previewed each house before she showed it to me. She described conditions of the house, location, schools and neighborhood. It was very important to me because I don’t have lots of time to see all the houses.

When I first met her, I told her I will not pay more than asking price. It was extremely difficult request because almost every house was sold for higher than asking price. Mae told me she will do her best to find my dream house. She not only fulfills her commitment, but even helped me bought a house which was lower than the asking price.

After I bought house, Mae continued to serve me when I encountered any problem. I highly recommend Mae to all my friends and family members.

—Elaine Wang